We manufacture plastic welded, bent parts and vacuum-molded products according to the customer’s request. We manufacture for example: plastic tanks and sumps, parts of technological equipment, components and parts of cleanroom facilities and se-mi conductor, superstructures for fire trucks, epithelium body of truck, plastic technical products, cover of machines, forms for lamination and vacuum forming etc.

We provide customer support through construction of plastic products (welded, molded, glued), construction of drawing documentation too.

We standardly process these materials: PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PMMA, PC, PETG, Simowood, ABS, etc.


  • Plates
  • Cavernous plates
  • Coextruded plates, foam plates
  • Rods and hollow rods
  • Pipes and shaped pieces including electrical shaped pieces
  • Valves manually and electrically operated

We use hot air welding technology and extrusion, polyfusion. At mounting weldments, we take advantage of machined parts to accurately fit the products. We make the most possible synergy in production for the optimal product. Checking the tightness of the welds is done by a water test or a non-destructive test with a high-voltage brilliance device.

In the production of molded and bent parts, we use a membrane vacuum press with a tempering furnace and a semi-automatic bending plate. We carry out the final assembly of the products according to customer’s requirements at the workshop.



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