Production and services during the pandemic COVID-19

31.3.2020 |

The coronavirus pandemic presents all of us new challenges in our professional and personal lives.

To ensure service for you, our customers, as fully as ever we have taken a number of preventive measures recently. We believe that we will handle the current challenges agead.

We have ensured all people working in Slavík-Technické plasty s.r.o. as far as possible to increase sanitary measures. For example internal and external contact has been restricted, is allowed for our employees to work from home, adjusted the system of receipt and dispatch of materials and products, people received several kinds of protective veils.

These basic steps serve not only to protect employees but also to maintain all necessary processes in Slavík-Technické plasty s.r.o., to meet our customer’s requirements as much as possible, maintain business standards and processes, maintain our full production capacity. We now benefit from the fact that we have implemented and internal information system in recent years, digitized all of the business segments. This allows us to monitor the stock level of the semi-finished and orders, monitor production.

We have also put into operation new technologies – 5-axis machining centers for the production of more complex and larger products and annealing furnace.

Slavík-Technické plasty s.r.o. can produce the products you require in the future thanks to these measures incl. milled, turned parts, gear wheels, welded construction and bended parts.

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with the manufacturers of semi-finished products, we continue to supply the range of materials in full extent as before.

On the website we inform you about what is happening in our company. Our sales department is available as usual by phone or mail.

Even in this difficult time, we are always at your disposal. We wish you all health.