Production possibilities


  • CNC milling 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis
  • CNC milling – vacuum table


  • CNC turning / turning and milling combinations (radially and axially driven tools)


  • Plates, rods, tubes

Final Adjustment:

  • deburing
  • shot peeling
  • ultrasonic cleaning

Assembly – Clean Spaces:

  • mounting of assemblies
  • pressing/inserting screws, pins, inserts etc.
  • gluing, bending, polishing

Output Control:

  • shape control
  • dimension control


  • CAD/CAM programs – Solid Works, HSM Works, AlphaCam,
  • CRM system – leading of the company, production and storage management incl. EAN code

Other operations:

  • production of gearing, manufacture of internal / external grooves, tempered, cutting by water ray etc.


We usually machine these materials incl. modified materials:

  • high-temperature plastics – PAI, PEI, PI, PEEK, PVDF, PTFE etc.
  • engineering plastics and polyamides – POM, PET, PBT, PC, PA etc.
  • other plastics – PVC, PE, PP, PETG, PMMA, ABS, HPS etc.
  • electrical insulants – HGW, HP etc.
  • elastomer – PUR


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