About us

History of the company Slavik-Technické plasty s.r.o. dates back to 2001. The company specializes in deliveries of semi products of high temperature, structural and other plastics including .electrical insulants and polyurethane since the beginning.

The customer service is increased by machined plastic parts in 2002.

The company changes its business strategy and starts to build its own production in 2005-2006. We continuously invest into manufacturing technologies in 2008-2011.

The company Slavík – Technické plasty s.r.o. largely invests into expansion of manufacturing capacities in 2015.


In the course of 2022, we implemented innovative product development with the customer – the company...
To improve the operation of the semi-finished goods warehouse, we purchased a four-way forklift at the end of...
Shannon X-Wire
We have expanded our production capabilities in the area of processing PMMA, PC and PET-G. Now we can bend...