The company Slavík-Technické plasty s.r.o. specializes in machining high-temperature parts, structural and standard thermoplastics, welded thermoplastic products and sale of semi-finished plastic products.

We are an OEM manufacturer of part for machines, equipment and technology.


Slavík – Technické plasty s.r.o offers you:

  • semi-finished products and blanks
  • consulting with selection of materials
  • machined plastic parts
  • welded and molded plastic products
  • simple assembly products
  • construction of plastic parts

Plastic materials and products for various branches:

  • Aircraft and cosmic industry
  • Power and nuclear power engineering
  • Electrical industry
  • Medicine
  • Medical and laboratory technology
  • Vacuum technology
  • Transport, transport technology
  • Engineering and metallurgical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Civil engineering and architecture
  • Advertising 


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